by Dario Alejandro Alpern

I use the GenoPro software in order to generate a display of my family tree. This is an excellent program but lacks an important feature: display the family tree on Internet.

It is not convenient to convert a genealogy tree to a GIF or JPEG picture because it would be very big, causing a very long download. Furthermore, not all browsers display very large GIF or JPEGs.

Genopro enables the user to have a Windows metafile (.EMF) representation of the tree. This is a compact file that indicates where the lines, circles, text, etc. must be drawn.

The GenoJava program includes a program that further compress the .EMF so now it can be downloaded from Internet in a few seconds in any Java-enabled browser.

By pressing in the button below you will see a sample family tree that appears in Genopro.


  1. Decompress GenoJava in a new folder.
  2. Start the Genopro program. Load your family tree, then select the menu Tools | Export Metafile... Select the folder where you installed GenoJava and use the file name family. Then close the Genopro program.
  3. In the command prompt window, type GenoJava. This program generates a file named
  4. Modify the HTML file that will display your family tree as you wish. The parameters to the applet are: title (title of the window that contains the family tree), button (text of the button that appears on the Web page when the applet finished loading the family tree) and zipfile (name of the ZIP file that contains the family tree). If you change the button text length, you will need to change the WIDTH attribute of the applet, so the button text is not truncated.
  5. After the HTML is OK and you tested the family tree is shown when you press the button, you can upload the files to Internet. The files to upload are:

You can have more than one family tree in the same page:

Generate all the ZIP files (one per family tree) with different names, and then change the HTML file so you have as many <APPLET ...>...</APPLET> tags as family trees you want to display in your HTML file. Then change the applet parameters so they reflect the location of the ZIP file, the caption of the buttons and the title that will be shown when the family tree appear. Do not forget to upload to your Web server all ZIP files.

Please notice that GenoJava does not run from the Windows Explorer, only from a command prompt.

If you want to send me feedback about this program, please use the form.

Last updated on January 26th, 2003.